7 Clever Home Storage Tips

Are you constantly on a hunt for more storage space? If you crave a clutter-free home, these 7 storage tips may be just the thing you need.

Are you constantly on a hunt for more storage space? If you crave a clutter-free home, these 7 storage tips may be just the thing you need.

Storage In Unexpected Places

If your bedroom closet is starved for space, the back of the closet door is prime real estate for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories. A towel rod installed to the back of the door provides an instant space to hang scarves and purses, while the over-the-door hook gives you a place to hang an outfit for the next day.

Look for storage options in unexpected places, such as the backs of closet doors.

Under the Bed

You don’t have to stick with awkward, under-the-bed containers to store your odds and ends. Try a bed with built in storage drawers as part of the base. This quaint queen size bed lends you ample storage space with the rustic drawers underneath.

Choose a bed with built in storage drawers.

Use Little Spaces

Turn any extra little space in your home into a cozy corner to curl up in with a good book. Instead of becoming an awkward, unused space, this area under the stairs has been transformed into a reading nook. The under-the-bench storage is also an ideal place to store your Christmas decorations or camping gear.

This nook under the stairs is not only a great reading spot, but provides roomy storage drawers.

Display Your Jewelry

If you have oodles of jewelry tangled in boxes and taking up space in your cupboards, try something else. Miniature tea cups are a tasteful way to store and display your pieces. Your pretty tea cups can be used inside of a drawer or put on parade along the vanity.

Miniature tea cups are a picturesque way to store your jewelry.

Bedroom Storage Bench

Storage benches for the bedroom are a perfect hideaway for extra pillows and blankets. The teal, chevron-style bench featured not only provides an ideal storage solution, but acts as a cushy seat and looks stunning against the plush white bedspread.

Bedroom storage benches are an excellent way to disguise storage anywhere in your home.  

Creative Book Storage

The great thing about books is that they can be thrown in any corner or along any shelf and still manage to look decorative. Turning an unused fireplace into a haven for colorful books is a creative storage idea.

Books can be stored anywhere—such as in an empty fireplace.

Multiple Uses For Luggage

There are many ways to utilize furniture as storage. This vintage luggage set not only serves as a whimsical bedside table, but gives a handy space to store items you won’t need regular access to, such as winter clothing or extra sheets.

Vintage luggage not only becomes interesting furniture, but can be used for storage as well.

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