Choosing a business school

Either a two-year or four-year school should help open the door in the business world.

Getting a degree from a business or secretarial school can open the doors to employment in just about every type of enterprise, from law firms to dentists' practices. Most businesses are constantly on the lookout for qualified administrative assistants.

Most major colleges and universities offer business/secretarial courses, and there also are schools designed specifically for this curriculum. Many specialty and vocational schools have two-year programs as well. Find a list of business & secretarial schools on

Regardless of the facility or institution, within your secretarial curriculum you can expect to learn basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Once you've done the research and found the curriculum that fits your needs, it's a good idea to tour a school's campus, taking note of both the campus amenities and classroom facilities.

Questions to answer when looking for a business school.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on a school:

  • How simple is the business or secretarial school's registration process?
  • Are the school's classrooms updated with current computer technology?
  • Does the teacher-student ratio facilitate an effective learning experience?
Because secretarial programs range widely in their offerings and tuition, you'll need to check with individual schools to estimate how much a secretarial degree will cost.

It's a good idea to narrow down your list of likely business and secretarial schools to ones you'd feel comfortable attending. Admission qualifications also may be a deciding factor.

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