Choosing a career / employment counselor

How to find good advice on a career change.
If you're stuck midway up the corporate ladder, or if you can't see any reason to climb one more rung, you are likely in need of career change.

If that’s the case, consider visiting a local career counselor. Start your search for the right employment counselor by browsing the employment counselors on

Licensed employment and/or career counselors provide educational and vocational support to individuals or groups. A counselor may help you best determine your career goals as well as administer and interpret skills tests, advise which course of action is best and assist you in the job hunt.

Unlike an employment agency, which really just finds a job for you, a counselor will help flesh out your interests and personal direction as they pertain to finding satisfying work.

  • When to seek out an employment counselor

    You may visit an employment counselor when you're changing careers, for example. A counselor can help you form a clear picture of what to expect and what's expected of you in your new career path as well as assess whether you and your new career are a good personal and professional fit.

    Employment counselors offer workshops on résumé and cover letter writing, motivation, goal-setting, dressing for success, and other career-building tactics. Counselors also offer educational assistance, helping you get into the right programs for degrees, certificates and training you'll need for a new career.

    A good career counselor also will be informed of labor market trends and understand the demand for the type of work you seek.

  • What to look out for when interviewing with a counselor

    Find a list of career counselors on You'll want to avoid those counselors who make promises of higher salaries. A reliable advisor should prominently display his or her qualifications. A master career counselor must have an advanced degree, and many counselors will be members of professional organizations such as the National Career Development Association, the National Board for Certified Counselors, the American Counseling Association or the American Psychological Association.

    Each organization requires members to follow ethical practice guidelines. Of course, as with any other service, you'll want to have a preliminary visit with a career counselor to see if the two of you are a good fit. And be sure to ask about fees and what specific services the fees purchase.

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