Choosing a computer network technician

How to react when your computer network misbehaves.
Computer network problems can be exasperating. One missed email is one too many in our busy lives. And of course, most of us lack the luxury of an in-house technology department ready to get us back online. So, how can you solve a network dilemma?
  • Check your bases

  • Often, network problems can be solved without spending money on a computer network technician. First, take a moment and make sure all your network cables are secure to your server or network hub, and that your network configurations haven't changed from when the system was installed. You also may be able to solve a problem over the phone with your Internet service provider or network manufacturer. If that doesn't work ...

  • Use a repair technician with the right qualifications

  • Computer network technicians are like car mechanics — they all have general skills, but many specialize in a specific type of machine. Make sure the network repair service you talk to is familiar with your computer make and model, your operating system, and your network hub manufacturer.

    Technicians also receive certifications like car mechanics — Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) are examples of the credentials network technicians should provide.

  • Make the network repair shop's schedule work for you

  • Your network will have to be down while it's being repaired or maintained. A good computer network repair service will schedule repair times at your convenience, whether it's before your workday gets started, during lunch or after work hours.

    There are many reputable network repair services in most areas, as well as countless sole practitioners who provide IT service. After you find a network repair service on, be sure to ask for certifications and referrals to ensure you're dealing with an expert.

    When your system is running smoothly again, ask your technician about regularly scheduled maintenance. Like a car, a well-maintained network is more likely to avoid a breakdown, and the cost of preventive maintenance often is less than one large-scale emergency repair.

    Also, write down all of the correct settings for your system and keep the list in a safe place in case you have another network problem in the future.

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