Choosing a dance school

Find the steps that best suit the music that moves you.
Whether you prefer jazz, ballroom dance, ballet, modern, or tap, there are many dance schools available to help you learn the moves that will keep you in the spotlight.

First, you'll want to figure out how much time you have to dedicate to learning as well as the level of commitment you're willing to make. Those interested in dancing as a profession will have to dig much deeper to find the right path.

Our listings on contain entries for a number of dance schools with programs for both children and adults in many different styles of dance.

Some tips for finding a dance school:
  • It's a good idea to look for dance schools and studios that offer instruction in a wide range of styles, for beginners as well as accomplished dancers.

  • If you're a beginner, exposing yourself to several different styles of dance will especially help you figure out which style(s) you enjoy the most.

  • Visit the studios that are of interest to you, as many allow you to audit classes to assess your skill level. Most studios also offer private instruction for more personalized attention.

  • If you're interested in ballroom dancing, you'll want to consider finding a dance partner. A spouse or significant other makes for a comfortable experience and a good friend is always an excellent option. If you're going solo, no problem, mixing up dance partners can be fun as well.
Regardless of whether you dream of gracing the world's greatest stages or you simply want to tango across your kitchen floor, with a little bit of research you'll be dancing like a pro in no time.

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