Choosing a pet groomer

What to know when your pet looks scruffy.

See these profiles of pet groomers and then follow these four easy steps to find the best grooming experience for your animal:

Conduct visits and interviews
Before you drop off your pet at the groomer, it's worth your while to stop in and confirm a few details.
  • Is the facility tidy?
  • How long has the groomer been in business?
  • Is the groomer a member of a professional organization like International Pet Groomers?
  • Is the groomer a National Certified Master Groomer?
  • How much will the grooming cost?

Trust your groomer before your pet goes for the day
  • Tour the facility and ensure that your pet will have adequate water and potty breaks.
  • Find out whether the groomer has a plan in place should it be necessary to make an emergency visit to a local veterinarian.

Consult the groomer with your pet during your first visit
  • The groomer should be able to articulate what your pet needs and why. Many grooming techniques are done for the animal's health and comfort.
  • Make sure that what you want and what the groomer plans to do are the same.

Get advice, but know whom to ask
If your pet has special needs or is a purebred, seek out the advice of your veterinarian or breeder for recommendations. They are likely to know the kind of groomer who will have the skills to suit your needs.

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