Choosing a wedding planner

Hand the details of your big day to someone who knows.
Wedding planners take care of all the minutiae of holding a top-notch function — from finding a location, catering, and décor to negotiating contracts and evaluating proposals — so you can focus on the big picture.

A good wedding planner should:
  • Conduct research.

  • Create a wedding design.

  • Find a site.

  • Arrange for food, décor and entertainment.

  • Plan transportation to and from the events.

  • Send invitations to attendees.

  • Arrange any necessary Atlanta accommodations for attendees.

  • Coordinate the activities of event personnel.

  • Supervise at the site.

  • Conduct evaluations of the event.

When hiring a planner:

  • Trust your own experience. Make a list of similar Atlanta weddings you've attended that were managed impeccably, then ask the hosts if they used a wedding planner.

  • Have pertinent information ready. When you talk to a wedding planner, you'll need to provide the key facts about your wedding, including the time and date, number of guests and budget. The planner will ask you a host of other questions as well — be ready with as many answers as you can to help them get started.

  • Be creative. The key to having a memorable wedding is standing out from the crowd. Allow yourself to think outside the box and encourage your wedding planner to do the same. The planner can help with the grand vision for the wedding and take care of all the details. When you're not worried about the details, you'll be freed up to help your planner with the big picture — and enjoy planning your special day.

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