Choosing an art school

Find the right place to brush up your creative skills.

So, you prefer painting to putting together proposals. Or perhaps you've discovered you're a better sculptor than sales associate. You might be the perfect candidate for art school.

  • Determining which art school is right for you

    One of the biggest questions you need to answer when considering your path to an art education is what you hope to do with your skills when you've completed your studies. Will you be a full-time artist? Will it be a part-time job? A hobby?

    Should you decide that you'd like to learn your craft as a hobby, then you might want to consider evening art classes rather than investing the time and money it takes to earn a degree.

    However, if you're looking to make a living as an artist, extensive training is almost always necessary. In the art world, you're more likely to have an impact if you learn from those who have gone before you.

    Once you've correctly identified your motivation and are ready to find the right school for you, it's time to research. There are a variety of options available.

  • How to research the right art schools

    Find an art school on Then visit their websites or call to get a sense of their program structure and course selection.

    Once you've narrowed your list, call to set up a tour and interview. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and a chance to tour each school's facility in person.

    Because art school tuition ranges dramatically, you'll want to ask about pricing, scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs.

    There are a number of full-time art schools and programs that offer individual art classes throughout Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. As at a university, an art school generally will offer art instruction couched in a liberal arts program of study, granting degrees at the bachelor's and master's level.
Just as with any other field of study, choosing the right art school is an important decision. Do the research to make sure the school you select is the right one for you.

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