Faux Fireplaces: Is This Trend For You?

Nothing beats the warmth and glow of a blazing hearth, but if your home was not designed with a fireplace,...

Nothing beats the warmth and glow of a blazing hearth, but if your home was not designed with a fireplace, you might think this type of ambiance is out of the picture. However, through the magic of modern innovation, you can bring the glow you crave into your home with faux fireplaces.

A faux fireplace is either designed with just a visual feature on the front that uses different lighting effects to resemble a flickering fire, or is designed with both a visual feature and an electric heating element so you can use your fireplace to warm your home. Since many faux fireplaces are electric, you won't have to maintain it like you would a gas fireplace, and you won't have the mess that wood fireplaces can create.

For the warmer Atlanta climate, a faux fireplace with only a visual feature might suit your home best, although you might want to consider a heating element for chillier nights.

A remodeling professional can help you find a faux fireplace to match just about any home decor. For example, some faux fireplaces look just like they are constructed out of stacked river rock, which would look great in a cabin or rustic home, while other fireplaces look more clean and refined to better suit an elegant, classic home. One of the great aspects of putting in a faux fireplace is that you don't need to have a chimney, which makes it easy to put a fireplace in small spaces where you would love to add a touch of romance.

If you like the look and feel of a real fireplace at a fraction of the cost and hassle, talk to your Atlanta-based remodeling professional right away. You could be enjoying your new hearth in no time!

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