10 Ways to reduce your water bill without skipping showers

Almost every tip related to cutting your water bill is linked to water conservation....

Almost every tip related to cutting your water bill is linked to water conservation. Everyday activities waste a shocking amount of water. That doesn't mean you need to skip showers or eat off the dirty dishes to save money. Here are 10 ways you can save money without compromising your lifestyle or making the neighbors wonder what died in your house.

In the wash

  1. Install a low-flow shower head and time your showers. A five minute reduction shaves the cost of approximately 20 gallons of water from your bill. If everyone in your family does this, imagine how much you'll save!
  2. If you take baths and not showers, fill the tub only about half full to save 10 or 15 gallons of water per bath.
  3. Give yourself permission to stop standing over a sink of hot dishwater. You save money by using the dishwasher. Just make sure the dishwasher is full first so you don't have to run it for partial loads.
  4. Invest in a high-efficiency washing machine and only run it for full loads. This one costs a bit more, but will save you money on your water bill over the years.
  5. Go ahead and enjoy the fun gizmos and extra features at the car wash. You might think you save money by washing your car at home, but you usually will not save anything. By the time you pay for all the water to make the car sparkle, the car wash usually ends up costing less.

Other places to cut water costs

  1. Check for leaks, or have your Atlanta professional plumber take care of this task. In addition to obvious places under cabinets and around the toilet, check the basement floor under pipes for discoloration, and check for small stalactites on undersides of pipes.
  2. Mulch around plants you normally water. The mulch traps moisture so you don't have to water plants as often. Also, do not water plants in the heat of the day or in direct sunlight, as a lot of the water evaporates rather than soaking into the plant's roots.
  3. Stop flushing your money! Switch to a low-flow toilet. If you do not want to invest in a new toilet right now, you can still save when flushing. Just fill a bottle with water and drop it in the tank to displace water and you save money with each flush.
  4. Fill a gallon container with water and keep it in the refrigerator so you do not have to waste water waiting for your tap water to get cold.
  5. Make sure the water heater is as close as possible to the kitchen and bathroom, so you can get hot water quickly instead of leaving the faucet running while it heats up.

Try one or all of these water-conserving ways to save money on water in your Atlanta home.

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