12 Bathroom makeovers for small bathrooms

It never seems like there's enough storage space in the bathroom. If kids' bath toys litter the floor,...

It never seems like there's enough storage space in the bathroom. If kids' bath toys litter the floor, you've tripped over the scale countless times and cosmetics cover the vanity, it's time to get organized. Bathroom makeovers can increase storage space and make the small room more enjoyable to use. Ready to love your new bathroom?

1. Add shelves
Don't let wall space go to waste. Remove abstract artwork and mount decorative shelves instead. Shelves are a great place to stack towels, store a basket of washcloths or display your collection of pretty bottles of perfume. Choose moisture-resistant plastic shelves or wood shelves covered with sealant. Metal and unfinished wood won't last in the moist environment.

2. Use baskets and containers
From containers of makeup and bags of cotton balls, to rolls of toilet tissue and hair accessories, there are so many small things to store in the bathroom. Buy a cute, coordinating set of baskets or ceramic containers (like the kind you use in the kitchen to store baking supplies) to stow away your small necessities. A cluster of three matching jars looks much better on a vanity than piles of toiletries.

3. Move bathroom supplies
I'm not sure why, but we tend to store extra supplies in the bathroom. Does a 24-pack of toilet tissue or a bulk multi-pack of toothpaste really need to be in the bathroom? Move these overstock items to a larger storage space, such as a kitchen pantry, shelves in the basement or a hall closet.

4. Install shower shelves
If your bathtub surround looks like the shampoo and soap aisle at the grocery store, it's time to purge and tidy the area. Toss or donate any products that you tried and disliked. Rinse and recycle those almost-empty bottles that you keep forgetting to use. Then, install adhesive-backed plastic shelves in your shower. These attach easily to tile or plastic. Arrange the remaining bottles on the shelves to keep your bathtub ledge neat and clean.

5. Use a shower curtain
Still have too much in the bathtub area? Use a shower curtain! Yes, it's OK to simply hide your mess. After all, it's your bathroom. Everyday guests don't need to see inside the bathtub. When you have overnight guests using the bathroom, simply tuck the overflow of bottles away in a closet during the visit.

6. Add towel rods
Instantly add space and access to towels with towel rods. Attach adhesive rods to glass shower doors. Or, grab the drill and mount a few towel rods in the overlooked space behind the bathroom door, above the toilet tank or inside bathroom cabinet doors.

7. Remove unnecessary things
Do you really need a scale, clothes hamper and tote of children's toys in your bathroom? Move these away from your small space to reveal much needed floor space. Scales and hampers work well in bedroom closets. Have children store bath toys in their bedrooms. This way they can play with the toys more often and choose which toys to take into the bathroom for bath time.

8. A cohesive look
Bathroom makeovers should make the space feel inviting and coordinated. Splurge on a new set of bath mats, a toilet seat cover and coordinating hand towels. Getting rid of mismatched decor instantly perks up small spaces. Give your Atlanta bathroom real Southern flair by incorporating photographs of moss-covered trees into the decor.

9. Organize bathroom closets
If you have a narrow storage space, you can make it more efficient by staying organized. Fold towels, stack boxes of facial tissue and use small containers to organize toiletries. Use the entire closet space--top to bottom--by tucking small wire shelves or racks into the space.

10. Add color
Classic Southern homes with bright, white bathrooms look especially inviting with a splash of color. Accent white tile floors and walls with colorful towels and accessories. For an ocean theme, incorporate cobalt blue or sea-foam green into the room.

11. Hang a mirror
Instantly give your small bathroom a larger appearance by hanging an extra mirror. Even a small decorative mirror opposite the vanity or above the toilet tank will reflect light, making the space seem larger.

12. Create space
Add extra storage space in minutes by hanging a shoe organizer over the back of the bathroom door. Tuck away toiletries, hair accessories and bottles of shampoo and lotion. When the bathroom door is open, the items are hidden. When the door is closed, the items become accessible.

Do you want to go beyond organizing and decorating? Call a professional home remodeling company in Atlanta to make your bathroom makeover dream come true. Want new floors? They can do it! Thinking about a spa-style bathtub? Go for it!

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