3 Benefits of epoxy concrete floor paint

Are you refinishing a basement or giving the garage a much needed clean out? Jazz up the floors with...

Are you refinishing a basement or giving the garage a much needed clean out? Jazz up the floors with concrete floor paint made from epoxy. This floor covering adds color to the room and makes the hard flooring stain-resistant and safer to walk on. Plus, it makes you look like Atlanta homeowner of the year. Do you know anyone else with a clean, colorful garage floor?

1. Mask the cracks

Epoxy floor paint is thicker than other types of paint. It's perfect for giving an old garage floor an instant facelift. The gel-like paint seeps into the cracks, masking the age of your old concrete floor. Say goodbye to small holes and missing pieces of concrete. Go a step further and mix color chips into the paint to give the floor a random patterned look. This helps disguise even more imperfections.

2. Super easy cleanup

Epoxy concrete floor paint is water- and oil-resistant. This means those humid summer afternoons won't ruin your floor, and a little leaking car oil won't stain it. Grab a shop rag and simply wipe up any wet messes. Nobody will know your car needs a tune up.

3. Slip-resistant surface

If you're hauling a boat, make the garage floor slip-resistant. You know how much water drips off after putting the boat away. There's no need to worry about slipping on the wet floor. When applying the floor paint, mix in an anti-slip additive. These tiny rubber pieces give your shoes a better grip on the smooth flooring surface.

Ready to get rid of that dull gray concrete? Give a professional painter in the Atlanta-area a call today.

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