3 Symptoms of a herniated disc in your back

Does your back pain linger for days or even weeks? If the soft, spongy tissue between the vertebrae...

Does your back pain linger for days or even weeks? If the soft, spongy tissue between the vertebrae in your spine gets damaged or breaks, you may be suffering from a herniated disc. Chiropractors also refer to this condition as a budged disc or ruptured disc. Here are some symptoms to watch for.

1. Numbness in the buttocks and leg
If a swollen, damaged disc in your lower back presses on nerves in your spinal column, you may feel a numb, tingling feeling in your buttocks or down one of your legs, according to WebMD. This herniated disc condition is called sciatica. Resting with a heat pad on your lower back and participating in mild exercise, such as walking, can help ease the pain.

2. Pain in the lower back
A damaged disc can cause mild to severe back pain that lasts weeks to months. Unlike a strain from lifting a heavy object, back pain from a damaged disc is persistent and doesn't begin to ease within a few days. Talk with your chiropractor about ongoing pain medications and chiropractic treatments to stay comfortable.

3. Loss of control
Some ruptured discs can cause loss of control over your bodily functions. If you're having trouble holding your urine or bowel movements, and have weakness or a numb feeling in your legs, head to the emergency room for an evaluation. Physical therapy treatments can reduce your discomfort.

Some damaged discs won't produce any physical symptoms. That's why it's important to see a chiropractor in the Atlanta-area regularly for a spinal exam to avoid complications from a herniated disc.

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