4 Essential steps to buying a motorcycle

If you're considering purchasing a motorcycle in Atlanta, the process is similar to buying a car, but...

If you're considering purchasing a motorcycle in Atlanta, the process is similar to buying a car, but with a few key differences. Here are the four essential steps you should take before you start searching for the bike of your dreams.

Get licensed or take a refresher course

The first task in buying a motorcycle is to check that you have a valid Class M motorcycle license. While you may be able to buy a motorcycle without one, you will not be able to take it anywhere on your own without your license! Fortunately, it is a fairly uncomplicated process. Ask your local DMV for additional information. If you already have a license, but have not been on a bike in a while, you might want to take a refresher course.

Figure out your budget

If you plan on buying a new bike, you should plan on paying around $5,000 and $25,000. Like cars, there are usually financing options available to you. If you are considering getting your bike financed, do not forget to add the interest with your budget considerations. Research bike shops and see what in-house financing options they have. Most reputable shops will have affordable options for most budgets. If you can pay cash, some Atlanta dealerships will even give you a discount.

Find your riding style

You need to figure out what your riding style is. Are you the kind of person to ride around on the open road a lot? Will you take people out for frequent joyrides? Maybe you plan on riding your bike on dirt roads or tracks. Once you figure this out, you can then research the best makes and models for your riding needs. From there you can find out what physical attributes, such as color, you prefer.

Test drive

One thing you must do before buying a bike is taking it out for a test drive. It is only then that you can get a real feel for how it rides and how much you like it. You might think one motorcycle is the ride of your dreams only to find that once you take it out, you feel awkward riding around. If you're buying from an individual, make sure to check out the used bike tires, signals and brakes.

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