4 Fireplace design ideas for your Atlanta home

If you're remodeling a home in Atlanta, make your fireplace the focal point of the room. This stand-out...

If you're remodeling a home in Atlanta, make your fireplace the focal point of the room. This stand-out feature is a great way to add a specific feel to your home. Here are four fireplace design ideas to discuss with your contractor.

1. Rustic beauty
If you're renovating a cozy log cabin-style home or have chosen earthy stonework to accent your exterior, why not continue the rustic feel inside? Fireplaces built from stone or slate add a casual feel to your home. Use the fireplace to introduce various shades of brown, tan and cream into the room.

2. Classic charm
Accentuate your classic Southern home's sophisticated charm. Have the fireplace facade and hearth resurfaced with deep red brick to coordinate with a brick sidewalk or patio. For a bright, regal appearance, paint the fireplace facade and mantle white. This fireplace design idea complements white painted woodwork to give to room a cohesive look.

3. Modern style
If you envision a modern room with stainless steel furniture and glass-top tables, ask your contractor about fireplace design ideas with a modern flair. Shiny stainless steel tiles in silver or black can be cut into various shapes to add a shimmery look to your fireplace. Or, leave the metal in sheets to create a very simple, smooth look.

4. Elegant option
Ask an Atlanta-area contractor about resurfacing your fireplace with marble tile. This elegant choice comes in a variety of neutral hues. Choose cream-colored marble to coordinate with a room boasting deep red hues or shades of blue. Or, try marble tile with swirls of brown or gray in a room decorated with cream, gold or earth tones.

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