4 Must-dos before using a housekeeping service

Housework can be overwhelming. Once you've decided hiring a housekeeping service is the best option...

Housework can be overwhelming. Once you've decided hiring a housekeeping service is the best option to keep your home clean and your sanity in check, do your homework. Before the maid comes knocking, take these preventative measures.

  1. Meet the staff. Having someone work in your home can be intimidating. If you get to know the staff beforehand, you'll feel more comfortable with the service. If you have pets, make sure they are comfortable around the cleaning service staff. And don't be afraid to chat them up if you happen to be home when they come to clean.
  2. Get a contract. You want everything discussed with the cleaning company documented on paper. This should include cleaning days and times; a detailed list of chores and expectations; and a clear pricing list for standard and add-on services. There's no reason to haggle later over whether the maid was supposed to tidy the backyard deck, or if the cleaning is limited to the interior of the house.
  3. Determine who provides what. Some cleaning services in Atlanta come to your door with a van stocked with cleansers, scrub brushes and vacuums. Others expect the homeowner to provide the tools needed to complete each cleaning task. If you prefer more expensive products, or products made from all-natural or non-toxic ingredients, you may have to provide them yourself.
  4. Organize (don't clean!) the home. The housekeeping service is there to clean, not put things away where only you know they belong. Make a quick sweep of the house and put things where they should be. Make sure your kids' toys are in the chest and books are on the shelves. Reduce clutter, piles and stacks on tables so they can be dusted. Sort the clean from dirty clothes so they can be laundered. Remember, don't do anything more than straighten up. You're hiring the maid service to do the real cleaning.

Still deciding on a housekeeping service? Start calling Atlanta-based cleaning services to find one that fits your budget and schedule.

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