4 Reasons to get a whole house humidifier

Do you notice static shock when shuffling across the carpet or a scratchy, dry throat in the morning?...

Do you notice static shock when shuffling across the carpet or a scratchy, dry throat in the morning? Your home is too dry. It might be time to install a whole house humidifier on your furnace or make sure your humidifier is working properly.

This essential appliance adds moisture to the air as part of your home's heating system. During the winter, extra moisture is essential to staying comfortable in Atlanta. Here's why!

1. Health perks
A whole house humidifier is a great way to keep your skin naturally hydrated and ward off dry, itchy patches. The extra moisture also minimizes dry lips, dry mouth in the morning and bloody noses from breathing dry air.

2. Comfort level
When you add humidity to the air, your home automatically feels warmer. Think of hot summer days in Atlanta. On a day with a high humidity level, it feels hotter than the actual temperature on the thermometer. Let extra moisture help keep you comfortable during winter by using a whole house humidifier.

3. Hydrates wood
If you have musical instruments, furniture or flooring made of wood, moisture is essential to avoid shrinking. Guitars can quickly fall out of tune in the winter when the necks contract and the strings loosen from lack of moisture. Doors may feel loose in the jambs because of the lack of moisture and the seams in hardwood floors may become more visible.

4. Cost savings
By adding moisture to the air and increasing the perceived warmth in the home, you can lower your thermostat a few degrees. For every degree you reduce the temperature in your home, you can save approximately 4 percent on your energy bill. That adds up quickly!

Ready to learn more about whole house humidifiers? Give an HVAC professional in Atlanta a call to schedule a consultation.

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