4 Ways CFL bulbs save money and energy

We're all looking to keep the green in our wallets. Between the extra cost of cranking up our central...

We're all looking to keep the green in our wallets. Between the extra cost of cranking up our central air units during hot Atlanta summers to powering our arsenal of portable gadgets, energy bills are continually on the rise.

So, why not save some money around the house by swapping all those outdated incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs? Here are a few reasons to switch:

  1. You'll be buying light bulbs less often if you switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. On average, they last six times longer than incandescent light bulbs, according to The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star website.
  2. Each CFL bulb you install in your home can reduce your energy bill by approximately $6, annually. Many homes have 20 to 30 light fixtures. At that rate, Energy Star estimates you're pocketing an extra $120 to $180 each year by going green.
  3. Incandescent light bulbs give off heat. To counteract the extra warmth, you might be using extra power running the air conditioning. Since CFLs give off just 25 percent of the amount of heat an incandescent light bulb gives off, you can save on your cooling costs.
  4. CFLs use one quarter of the energy used to operate incandescent light bulbs, according to the The United States Department of Energy.

As a bonus, CFLs come in a variety of tones. From warm yellow tones to more true-to-life, natural blue tones, you can choose a style that works best in your home.

Do you need to update your light fixtures to ones that are compatible with CFL bulbs? Give a contractor in Atlanta a call for an estimate and consultation.

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