5 Bathroom Remodel Upgrades

In addition to giving you the pleasure of new amenities, a bathroom remodel increases the...

In addition to giving you the pleasure of new amenities, a bathroom remodel increases the resale value of your property, according to a report from Remodeling Magazine that shows Atlanta homeowners typically recoup 69.8% of the cost. Here are some great bathroom ideas that are trending among homeowners this year.

Trend #1: Doorless showers

Install a doorless shower if your bathroom is large enough. Get your bathroom contractor to allow for a space buffer between the shower and the rest of the room to avoid soaking everything. Doorless showers aren't new, but they've recently taken off as a popular trend in bathroom renovations.

Tip: Use a corner or a secluded nook for the shower and install a glass wall to separate it from the rest of the room and maximize the sense of space.

Trend #2: Smart technology

Make your bathroom a haven of comfort and convenience with touchless, hands-free faucets, low flush toilets, smart, water-efficient shower heads and digital sound systems. Technology is becoming the new "in" thing in bathroom redesign projects.

Try the Delta smart shower head, which manages the size and velocity of the water droplets, the spray coverage area and thermal dynamics to give the sensation of a regular shower while using less water.

Tip: Try Kohler's DTV Prompt shower system, which includes water pressure, temperature, steam and built-in stereo all managed from a wall-mounted control panel.

Trend #3: Concealed cabinets

Create a stylish, streamlined look with inbuilt bathroom storage spaces, and replace poorly-organized vanities and crowded cabinets.

  • Build cabinets with drawers and internal dividers that accommodate plumbing fixtures instead of avoiding them.
  • Install a recessed cabinet into the wall and cover the door with a mirror that fits flush against the tiles.

Tip: Try Bizet's B7 medicine cabinet with its refrigerated section for storing medication, nail polish or high end makeup products.

Trend #4: Transitional styling

Blend contemporary and traditional looks to achieve transitional styling that combines a modern design with elegant, period pieces. Use simplified fixtures made from natural materials such as wood. Install wall-mounted toilets with in-wall tanks or regular toilets with smooth, covered bases, and add coordinated towel bars and robe hooks, modernized claw foot bathtubs and classic chandeliers.

Tip: Match your accessories to the sink, bathtub and shower hardware to give the bathroom a color lift. This will make all the difference in how it feels.

Trend #5: Use nudes and neutrals

Use nude, nature-inspired wood tones with an emphasis on light creams, browns and off-whites. Since 2010, neutral shades have grown popular, with Atlanta home remodelers finding that 56% of bathroom ideas include gray, beige and white.


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