5 Behr paint color ideas for your bedroom

A new coat of paint gives your bedroom an instant facelift. If you want to get the job done quickly,...

A new coat of paint gives your bedroom an instant facelift. If you want to get the job done quickly, choose Behr-brand paint for even, beautiful coverage. Here are five color schemes to consider for your bedroom.

1. Light and bright

If your bedroom is small, or needs a brighter look, go for light neutrals. Think of ivory, eggshell and hues of pale yellow. Check out Behr's Vanilla Milkshake, Moonlight White and Moondance. Then, complement the light color with white trim and doors.

2. Tranquil room

To make your bedroom feel like a day at the spa, choose a tranquil shade of blue. Look at Behr paints with a gray-blue tint. Look into Caribbean Coast, Blue Chaise or Artesian Water. Or, go for a brighter blue-purple tone such as Ocean Dream or Anemone.

3. Vibrant idea

Make your bedroom bold by painting one wall a gorgeous red hue. Go with muted Ruby Ring or Behr's more invigorating Red Tomato. A red accent wall goes great in rooms with deep gray or creamy ivory walls.

4. Classic and neutral

If you're preparing your Atlanta home for sale, choose a classic, warm tone to highlight your bedroom. Within the neutral/black color family of Behr paints, you'll find several earth tones to consider. Look at Oat Straw, Lion and Ocean Pearl for a subtle shade of tan.

5. Dark and warm

When you have a large bedroom, it's easy to experiment with darker paint colors. Look to shades of blue, red and purple for cozy options. Check out Behr's Sapphire Sparkle, Cherry Cobbler or Victorian Iris.

Ready to get your bedroom remodel started? Give an Atlanta painter a call today for a price quote.

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