5 Green housekeeping tips and tricks

We all love the thought of a clean home: sparkling countertops, glistening toilet bowls...

We all love the thought of a clean home: sparkling countertops, glistening toilet bowls and swept floors. But, are you hesitant to dowse your Atlanta home in harsh chemical cleansers? When in doubt, go green. You can easily complete your routine housekeeping tasks without exposing your family to commercial chemicals or filling the local landfill.

  1. Make a non-toxic cleaning spray. Add 2 cups of distilled white vinegar to a 1-quart spray bottle. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and top it off with warm water. Twist the spray top on the bottle, swish and use. This all-purpose cleanser sanitizes bathroom surfaces, cuts through greasy kitchen messes and is safe on windows.
  2. Try natural scrubbing bubbles. Don't reach for bottle foaming cleansers. Get a little creative when you need to polish the tub or make the kitchen sink sparkle. Start by sprinkling the surface with baking soda. Then use a spray bottle filled with distilled white vinegar to create a cleaning, foaming reaction. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub, then rinse with warm water.
  3. Use washable tools. If you're a slave to paper towels, stop. They add unnecessary bulk to landfills when stuffed inside plastic garbage bags. Instead go old-school and recycle worn bath towels and dish cloths into cleaning rags. Simply cut them into small pieces, wash them on laundry day and reuse. To sanitize sponges, add them to your next hot water dishwasher cycle.
  4. Create natural deodorizers. Spraying fragrant deodorizer in the bathroom is convenient, but not a very green option. Between the aerosol can and the chemical-laden fragrances, you can do better. Instead make a small bowl of potpourri from cinnamon sticks and dried citrus fruit slices. Or, use fresh-squeezed lime juice mixed with water as an air-freshening spray.
  5. Dispose of harsh chemicals. So, what do you do with that stash of cleaning potions under the sink? Get rid of them! Tossing them down the drain is not the solution, however. Instead, contact your local recycling center to find out what days they accept hazardous waste items. The City of Atlanta also recommends mixing unwanted liquids with dry kitty litter or saw dust before placing it in the garbage can.

Need a little help staying on top of your housekeeping? Call a cleaning service in Atlanta today to get your home sparkling clean. Be sure to ask about environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products!

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