5 Things you should never flush down the toilet unless you want to hire a plumber

No matter how much you like your plumber, you want to do everything you can to avoid...

No matter how much you like your plumber, you want to do everything you can to avoid paying for expensive repairs. One easy way to help avoid costly plumbing work is to ensure that you are not flushing strange objects down the toilet. Some things are obvious, such as toys and jewelry, but you won't want to push the lever when the following five things are in the toilet bowl, either. Do not use your toilet to dispose of these items!

Feminine hygiene products

Some tampons, pads and liners look small enough to flush, but looks can be deceptive! These products are designed to be absorbent. Some can swell significantly and clog the toilet if you send them down the drain.

Cigarette butts

The biggest problem with cigarette filters is that they are not biodegradable. Additionally, when they get wet, they can also swell up to double or triple their original size. These swollen filters can get caught in partially clogged drains and cause further blockages.

Diapers and baby wipes

Newborn-sized diapers may appear small enough to send down some toilet drains. However, it's a bad idea to try it for the same reason it's a bad idea to flush any porous items - swelling. Baby wipes can also clog drains. Avoid sending them down the toilet unless the package is marked "flushable."

Paper towels

Some toilet paper can feel as coarse as paper towels. That doesn't mean paper towels can go down the toilet drain as easily as toilet paper. The larger dimensions and the thickness of the fibers make paper towels a toilet-clogging nightmare if they are flushed.

Cleaning sponges or scrubbers

Even a small sponge or scrubber can make big trouble inside your drain. This includes those handy toilet scrubbers with disposable heads. Pop the heads into the trash to avoid plugging your toilet.

Save your drains and keep home-repair dollars for something else by putting these porous, toilet-clogging items in the trash instead of the toilet. If you are in doubt of whether it's okay to flush something, it is best to put it in the trash. Check with your Atlanta plumber to see what you can safely dispose of in the toilet as well as for information about basic toilet repair.

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