5 Types of window coverings for your Atlanta home

Give your southern home a quick makeover by updating your interior window coverings. Whether you want...

Give your southern home a quick makeover by updating your interior window coverings. Whether you want to add texture or color to a room, what you hang from your windows can do the trick. Let's remodel!

1. Shutters

Did you know those gorgeous wooden accents on your exterior windows can also be used indoors? Horizontal slats of wide-width wooden shutters add a rustic feel to your Southern home. With the pull of a cord, you can eliminate all light, or flood the room with sunshine.

2. Blinds

Similar in appearance to shutters, blinds are more slender and delicate. Usually made from plastic, lightweight woods (such as bamboo) or aluminum, these window coverings can be adjusted to let in a little or a lot of light, while still obscuring the view inside the home. These are great for privacy.

3. Shades

If you prefer a solid-window covering, check out window shades. These are often crafted out of heavy fabrics to keep that hot Atlanta sun from heating up your home. Roman shades cover the glass with billows of fabric for a rich, Victorian-look. Go with cellular or roller shades in a modern home.

4. Curtains

Although common, curtains come in so many styles they're worth investigating during a home remodel. Try sheer curtains to let light in while softly diffusing the view outside. Or go with playful printed curtains to add a pop of color to a small bathroom.

5. Drapes

When you need to completely darken a room, try using drapes. These heavy window coverings are lined to keep heat and light from penetrating the room. If you sleep during the day and work a night shift, blackout drapes are invaluable.

Ready to give your home a mini makeover? Call a professional remodeling company in the Atlanta-area to give you a quote. You'll be amazed at how much new window coverings revitalize the interior of your home.

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