5 native plants for your Atlanta garden

Jump-start your spring gardening plans with these five Atlanta native plants. With proper...

Jump-start your spring gardening plans with these five Atlanta native plants. With proper care, native plant gardens will stay fresh and bloom throughout the season.

Robust hibiscus

If you're looking for huge pops of color with big, bold flowers, try the hibiscus on for size. Although hibiscus require plenty of water, it is best grown in full sun and moist soil with moderate humidity. Reaching heights of up to eight feet, this dramatic garden statement features funnel-shaped flowers and is relatively low maintenance. Hibiscus plants perform best with plenty of space to spread out and reach their full potential. Shades of pink, red and white will grace your yard from late summer to early fall, so make room now while your garden is primed for growth.

Indian pink

This native plant couldn't be better suited for hot and humid Atlanta conditions. Indian pinks are a hummingbird's dream with their trumpet shaped yellow-tinged, bright red flowers. Indian pink can grow up to two feet tall and are a perennial, so they'll survive through all four seasons. Providing some shade and moist soil will create an abundance of show-stopping blooms you'll be proud to have in your garden.

Woodland crested iris

The crested iris is a natural plant species endemic to the eastern United States, and can be grown in rocks or woodland spaces. The product comes in shades of blue, purple and white, and possesses six petals three upright and three downward. They bloom vigorously in early spring and are a fast-spreading plant. Expect to grow your own up to nine inches tall and 12 to 15 inches wide.

Scarlet bee balm

These native plants look like something from a far away planet and offer up a wonderful fragrance of bergamot orange. The scarlet bee balm gets its name from the soothing and healing properties it provides for bee stings. It's a perennial flower whose content can even create a unique herbal tea. Shallow slender stems can grow up to three feet tall with blooming scarlet flowers, and are grouped in dense pairing heads. The scarlet bee balm is best suited for full sunlight.

Helen's flower

This fall blooming daisy will charm the pants off any southerner, and what's not to love with blazes of warm golds, reds and oranges? Helen's flower is an easy-to-grow perennial with threadlike leaves covering the stems. Spanning in height from two to five feet, this genus of native species requires damp soil, full sun and moderate water. They make for an excellent cut flower choice, but tend to become an aggressive grower when given liberal amounts of water.

For more information on landscaping with native foliage, contact an Atlanta landscaper.

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