5 types of fencing to consider for your backyard

If you're thinking about fencing your Atlanta backyard, you can choose from a range of...

If you're thinking about fencing your Atlanta backyard, you can choose from a range of options. Your choice depends on your needs, the neighborhood you live in and whether rules exist about fencing in your area. Discuss your intentions with other homeowners and check whether they have any objections to erecting a fence between your lots. Here are five types of fences to consider.

Wooden privacy fences

Build a wooden privacy fence from ready-made sections of six or eight feet long wood. Lowe's sells pre-made sections for between $33 and $63, depending on the type of wood. Sink the post holes at the required intervals along the perimeter. Attach top and bottom wooden rails, then fasten the sections to the rails and posts using stainless screws or 18d to 20d galvanized nails.

Pre-made vinyl fences

Install a vinyl fence for long-lasting privacy and low maintenance. Sizes and styles vary, but a basic six feet by eight feet panel sells for around $100. Pre-plan exactly where you want your fence to go. Position the posts carefully before pouring concrete around the base because once it hardens around the posts it is very difficult to move the fence. Slot the vinyl sections into the holders on the posts.

Split-rail fences

Maintain your view while demarcating the boundaries of your property with a "split-rail" or agricultural-style fence. These fences won't actually keep anything or anyone in or out, but they will create an attractive perimeter. Purchase the rails and posts, which cost $1.50 and $10 each, respectively. Build the fence by first installing the posts and then attaching rails to the posts at heights of 18 inches and 32 inches. Simply nail the rails to the posts for easy construction.

Fancy fences

Enhance the appearance of your Atlanta home, protect your pool and boost your resale value with a decorative metal fence made from steel or aluminum. Prices start at $12 per section for a basic design, ranging up to $70 for a more elegant option. Buy the "no dig" option, which uses an post with prongs instead of concrete around the base. Install the posts by hammering them into the ground, then attach the fence sections using the slots provided on the posts.

Utility fences

Keep animals in or out with a garden or utility fence. The fencing comes in rolls 150 feet long and two to four feet high, and are available in bare metal or with a vinyl coating. Prices range from $40 a roll for poultry netting to $60 a roll for vinyl-coated hardware cloth. Install wooden posts in concrete, then fasten the fence material to each post using galvanized nails. Use heavier utility fencing if you need to control large dogs because they may be able to chew or force their way through lightweight materials.

Select the right fence for your backyard and benefit from enhanced privacy and security. If you aren't handy, get a contractor to build it for you.

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