5 unique places to use radiant heat flooring in your home

Some places in your home are more enjoyable when touched by an extra bit of warmth....

Some places in your home are more enjoyable when touched by an extra bit of warmth. Radiant heat flooring is one specific way to add a bit of soft heat to your home, and it has been a popular trend in bathroom flooring for a few years. Read on to learn why it may be time to bring this heating alternative into other parts of your Atlanta home.

5 unique places to consider putting radiant floor heating

  1. Kitchen: If your family enjoys gathering in the kitchen for meals and snacks, the extra comfort of a bit of warmth radiating up through the floor to warm your feet can make the time even more enjoyable.
  2. Enclosed porch: Enclosed porches, or patio enclosures, are often unheated. Floor heating may be a cost effective way to warm up the area. The radiant heat coming up from the floor is a good way to keep house plants healthy and keep the people enjoying the enclosed porch comfortable.
  3. Basement rec room: Basements tend to be cooler than the rest of the house. That can be good if you are using the space only for storage. If you want the space to be available for your family's enjoyment, you might find that it needs some heat. Radiant floor heating can be a way to add a cozy touch to this normally chilly part of your home.
  4. Garage workshop: When strolling out to your garage workshop on a frosty morning to start on a project, you normally expect to walk into a chilly room. With radiant floor heating, however, you can set the heat to turn on ahead of time so you can start work on your favorite projects without the discomfort of standing on a cold floor.
  5. Outdoor patio: Imagine sitting out on your patio on a slightly chilly night, looking at the stars and enjoying a quiet moment with friends or your family. With radiant floor heating, your feet will stay warm despite the cool night air. Radiant heating can help you make the most of your outdoor space.

These scenarios are possible when you have radiant heat flooring installed in these typically unheated places. For more information on the types of radiant heat sources available and the cost of radiant floor heating, discuss options for your home with your Atlanta remodeler.

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