6 Drought-tolerant landscape coverings to get a gorgeous lawn!

When you live in the South, you have to get creative with your landscaping. If you want a lush green...

When you live in the South, you have to get creative with your landscaping. If you want a lush green lawn, you need to invest in a sprinkler system. If you want a low-maintenance yard, you opt for drought-tolerant landscape coverings. Not sure which to choose? Here are six options to discuss with your landscaper.

1. Wood mulch or bark

One of the most economical and natural ground coverings in Georgia is wood. Available in a variety of brown and red colors, this landscape covering is perfect for covering large areas. Add color to mulched landscapes with large flowerpots, bird baths and yard art.

2. Pea gravel

If you have an above ground swimming pool, pets or young children, consider landscaping part of the yard with pea gravel. It's smooth on bare feet, easy to rinse with a hose and won't be affected by splashes of chlorinated pool water.

3. Decorative stone

Add interest to your yard by creating flower beds outlined with decorative stone. From natural stones to tinted cinder blocks, these landscape coverings can easily coordinate with other elements of the home. For example, pair red stone with a red brick home.

4. Rubber mulch

If you don't want to update your wood mulch every two years due to the humidity in Georgia, consider using rubber mulch made from recycled tires. Although it will make a bigger dent in the wallet, rubber mulch lasts longer. This landscape covering is not biodegradable, so it can last indefinitely if raked frequently to allow for even wear and sun-bleaching.

5. Drought-tolerant grass

Want a green lawn? Look for grass seed specially engineered for sunny, dry lawns. Drought-tolerant grass species to consider include buffalo grass and bahia grass. When working with seed, expect to wait two to three years for germination and dense, even coverage. If you need the grass to grow quickly, hire a landscaper to professionally sod the lawn.

6. Drought-tolerant flowers and plants

For a small yard, raised gardens or around a backyard patio, consider drought-tolerant landscape plants. Small succulents such as hens and chicks or aloe vera add texture and color to the yard. Or go big and bold and plant a wildflower garden filled with multi-colored lantanas, shasta daisies, yarrow and lavender.

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