6 easy home improvement ideas to make your Atlanta home sell faster

If you're in the process of selling your Atlanta home, a few home improvement efforts can...

If you're in the process of selling your Atlanta home, a few home improvement efforts can go a long way towards getting a buyer faster. These low-cost, easy updates don't take long, but they make all the difference to potential buyers' first impressions of your home.

Paint your walls

Invest in a professional paint job for the interior of your home. Choose pastel or neutral shades that complement your furnishings. Strip off old or damaged wallpaper, fill holes and cracks and add splashes of color in the form of matching throws, pillows and loose rugs.

Update your lighting

Replace outdated lighting with modern brushed nickel, bronze or chrome fixtures track or recessed lighting. Change up the positions of the lights - nothing screams "boring" more than a single light in the center of the ceiling. Locate lights in corners over armchairs, or position them strategically above wall hangings and pictures for a softer, more flattering effect.

Re-stain kitchen cabinets

Kitchen renovations are costly, but as the most important room in most homes it's one that gets close scrutiny from potential buyers. If you aren't in the market for a full home improvement project, you can strip and re-stain or repaint your kitchen cabinet facades. Make the most of wooden cabinet doors by giving them a faux antique finish.

Open your windows

Brighten up the living areas by removing old window treatments and curtain rods. Replace them with lightweight, fitted blinds that let natural light in when they're fully open. Clean or repaint the window frames so buyers can see easily that they are in good condition.

Clean your bathrooms

The bathrooms in a home get some of the heaviest traffic and often show signs of wear and tear. Nothing is more likely to put a prospective buyer off than a grubby-looking bathroom. Check your toilet, and if it's anything less than perfect, consider having it replaced. Scrub and bleach the grout around the base or have it redone for a sparkling, clean look.

Boost curb appeal

Make your home inviting by sprucing up the area around the front door, the gate and the pathway. Even if the garden is nothing special, ensuring that the access route to the entrance is free of clutter and debris offers a better impression than if buyers have to struggle through weeds or climb over broken toys to get there.

Before you begin any home improvement projects, determine whether you can expect to recoup the costs in a sale. There's no point in spending several thousand dollars unless it boosts the selling price by the same amount or more.

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