6 reasons to hire an arborist

Healthy trees can add to your home's value and also be a beautiful part of the landscape....

Healthy trees can add to your home's value and also be a beautiful part of the landscape. Unhealthy trees, however, can detract value and even be a danger to your family. An arborist, or tree doctor, can care for your trees and plants to help keep them healthy.

Here are six ways a tree care professional can make your life easier and safer, and help maintain the value of your property.

  1. Not everyone has a green thumb. If you have concerns about any of your trees and shrubs, or simply want advice on what would work best in your yard, call a pro. He'll evaluate the condition of the trees and plants around your home, and craft a care plan for you to follow or provide a detailed estimate of any work needed.

  2. If you notice branches falling from trees, or tree branches with no leaves, it's time to call an arborist. These can be signs of wind damage or advanced disease, so it's best to have the trees examined and any dead and damaged branches removed. Falling branches can be a danger to your family and home.

  3. Trees with curling or dry leaves, along with peeling bark, may be suffering from insect infestation. An arborist can inspect for signs of insect blight by looking at the leaves and bark and can help the infected tree by removing or treating the affected area.

  4. Look for holes and brown spots on leaves, which can indicate insect and bug infestations. Other signs include a lot of dead leaves, or nests that look like big, balled-up spider webs. Trees attract all kinds of wildlife, but sometimes insects can get out of control. A contractor will examine the tree and treat it with an eco-friendly insecticide.

  5. Look for knotted, bulbous areas on the trunks or branches, which is a sign of blight or disease. Discuss disease control with your Atlanta tree care pro if you find any. Even very sick trees can often be saved by a skilled arborist.

  6. Look to see if trees and shrubs appear dead, with no leaves. Also look for roots lifting out of the ground. Ask your tree care professional if trees can be saved. If the trees are too far gone, arborists can safely remove them, so you don't end up with a giant stump or a big root hole in your yard.

Remember to ask how long the work will take so you can keep the lawn cleared of pets and children, especially when your arborist is removing larger trees and stumps.

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