Aeration saves your lawn from devastation

Are you wondering why the grass in your lawn doesn't look as healthy as it should? Maybe...

Are you wondering why the grass in your lawn doesn't look as healthy as it should? Maybe your grass is having breathing trouble. When the dirt in your lawn gets compacted, it gets hard for grass to grow and thrive because air and water do not properly reach the roots. You might notice your lawn turning golden brown, or you might simply notice the ground feeling very hard and concrete-like against your feet when you walk across the lawn. If you have noticed these signs of an unhealthy lawn, aeration might be just the thing to rejuvenate it.

5 ways your lawn benefits when you aerate

  1. Water absorbs more easily: Your lawn should require less water after being aerated. Water is less likely to pool on the surface and is more easily absorbed by the roots of the grass. This is because compacted soil does not absorb water as well as the loose soil created by an aerator.
  2. Fertilizing: Like water, fertilizer more easily seeps into loosened soil where it can nourish your lawn from the roots up. This means your grass starts to show brighter, healthier color with less of a waiting period.
  3. Pest control: Pests, such as grubs, can feast below the surface of your lawn. This kills your grass and wastes the money you have invested in making your lawn look good. After your lawn has been aerated, it's easier to get rid of pests with your chosen lawn care treatment. Discuss pet- and child-safety concerns with your landscaper before having this type of treatment.
  4. General lawn care gets easier, and overall beauty increases: Even if you don't want to add any fertilizer or pest removal treatment to your lawn, you can expect to see fairly rapid improvements in the appearance of your lawn after it has been aerated.
  5. Enjoying: In addition to the fact that you'll gain some great bragging rights for your healthy lawn, the loosened soil and healthy grass that results from aeration should feel softer against your feet when you walk across your lawn. This means your family can enjoy time outside even more than before.

Discuss lawn analysis and your concerns about aeration with your Atlanta landscaper.

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