Annual servicing of baseboard heating: Why, when and how much?

Click, rattle, hiss! What's that? Oh yeah, it's the sound of your baseboard heating coming on after...

Click, rattle, hiss! What's that? Oh yeah, it's the sound of your baseboard heating coming on after all those hot months in Atlanta when you forgot what cold weather felt like. To make sure your heating system works efficiently, it is recommended to have it serviced and cleaned regularly.

If you haven't used your heat for several months, you'll want to make sure everything is working properly.


Have you looked inside your baseboard heating units lately? Go ahead, take a peek. You will see an unappetizing mix of lint, random scraps of paper, leaves or even coins and assorted other missing items. It does not take an HVAC specialist to determine that a thorough cleaning is in order.


Have your heating system serviced before it gets too cold outside. You would hate to be eating your turkey during Thanksgiving dinner huddled around a space heater with your in-laws because your heating system stopped working. Simple routine maintenance will save you from experiencing a system failure at the worst possible time.

How much?

Contact a few heating and cooling specialists to get their estimates before committing. Some HVAC companies offer annual contracts so that you can lock in a price to have your heating and cooling systems serviced yearly. Once you've settled on a company, remember that although the maintenance means money out of your pocket, you could spend a lot more to have a major problem fixed in an emergency if you don't keep up on proper servicing.

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