Anti-aging skin care for 2013: Look like a hottie again

Let's face it; nobody likes to get older. Wrinkles, lines and sagging skin can make you feel like a...

Let's face it; nobody likes to get older. Wrinkles, lines and sagging skin can make you feel like a ghoul instead of a beauty. But you do not have to give up and succumb to your aging skin. Some of the most effective anti-aging skin care products and treatments can make you look like a young hottie again. Here are the top-rated methods that can help you reduce the signs of aging.

  • PaloVia Renewing Laser: This handy little laser can be used at home, and may reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your face without having to spend a fortune on more intensive anti-aging skin care treatments at a doctor's office. Some redness and peeling can occur, and results are usually noticeable after a few weeks.
  • Botox: Botox is injected into your skin to relax and reduce muscle movement. It is usually applied in between the eyes and around the folds next to your mouth. Some people even find that Botox injections can help prevent migraines as well. Because Botox can cause your face to feel a little "frozen" and may cause an allergic reaction, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor ahead of time to find out about side effects before trying out Botox injections.
  • Facercise: Many people do not realize how many muscles exist in the face, and these muscles often atrophy and shrink as you age. This muscle shrinkage causes sagging skin and hollow cheeks that can make you look really old. Sometimes the best anti-aging skin care treatments are right under your nose. Facercise, facial yoga, helps you exercise these muscles, effectively toning your face and building up your cheekbones to look more youthful...naturally!

Talk to your Atlanta-area doctor if these treatments and products are right for you.

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