Are blackheads ruining your complexion?

Nothing should take away from your Southern smile. But, when you have blackheads, it's tough to stay...

Nothing should take away from your Southern smile. But, when you have blackheads, it's tough to stay cheerful. This acne-based skin problem can be treated quickly. Here's the scoop!

At-home tips and tricks
When one or two blemishes pop up, it's easy to coax them to go away. But blackheads are hair follicles that have become clogged with your skin's natural oil known as sebum and dead skin, according to the Mayo Clinic. So never squeeze a blackhead. This can push bacteria further into your skin and cause more problems.

To remove blackheads, start by washing your face. Use a facial cleanser designed for acne since these contain ingredients that dissolve excess oils on your skin. Then, use a face mask or pore-cleaning strips to remove any residual dirt from the hair follicles. Once finished, splash your face with cold water to constrict the follicles.

Preventing future blackheads
Use a gentle exfoliating face wash once a week to clean your skin thoroughly. Or, keep face pads pre-soaked with an astringent handy for daily wipes over problem areas. These pads cut down on lingering oils and bacteria which partially cause the blemishes.

Seeing a pro
Are your cheeks or nose covered in blackheads? Seek professional advice from a skin care specialist known as a dermatologist. This type of doctor treats acne and all related problems. For severe cases that have become infected, the doctor can perform an in-office extraction or laser treatment. Prescription-level face washes and healing creams may be discussed to prevent future skin problems.

Are you ready to get clear skin? Give a dermatologist in Atlanta a call today to schedule a consultation.

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