Are metal shingles right for your roof?

Metal shingles are one of the oldest types of roofing but in recent decades have not been quite as prevalent...

Metal shingles are one of the oldest types of roofing but in recent decades have not been quite as prevalent as asphalt roofing. However, there are some key advantages to metal.

Metal shingle concerns

One of the reasons metal fell out of favor in roofing is cost. Metal roofs usually cost about 20 percent more than their asphalt counterparts. This may be a nonissue if you're thinking longterm, since metal roofing is often a lifetime installation, unlike asphalt roofs, which require replacement about every 10 years.

Some of the other perceived concerns include weight, appearance and noise during rain. Metal shingles are actually one-third the weight of asphalt. They can be painted to resemble non-metallic roofing materials, and noise levels during rain are comparable to noise with alternative roofing.

Primary advantages for metal shingles

Some of the key advantages of metal roofing include durability and energy efficiency.

Metal roofing will often last the life of the home, as will polymer paints. The metal product also can be more durable during storms and hail and can help during a home fire since the metal is not flammable like asphalt roofing.

While one of the concerns of metal roofing is often that it could make a home hotter, the metal can actually help save energy in your home by reflecting sunlight. In Atlanta, this can be a huge benefit to reducing summer air conditioning costs. In the winter, it can also reflect heat back into the home from the underside of the roof and save heating costs.

Another advantage to metal roofing in an existing home is that it can be placed directly over existing roofing, reducing the need for waste management of discarded roofing supplies.

If you're interested in metal roofing, contact your local Atlanta roofing contractors.

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