Are your garage floor coatings letting you down?

When remodeling, it's easy to forget about your garage and just focus on the interior of your house....

When remodeling, it's easy to forget about your garage and just focus on the interior of your house. However, your garage is really an extension of your home, so it is worth giving it a bit of attention, too. It is much more enjoyable to use your space when it has a clean, styled appearance. Whether you use your garage for parking your car, for storage, or as a man cave, garage floor coatings play an important role in how your garage looks, and can even help keep you and your family safe.


Trends in garage floor colors don't change a lot from year to year, they tend to be neutral colors that blend into the background and hide a bit of dirt. So for 2013, the colors are still the same set of somber grays, blacks, and smokey blues available in past years, with safety yellow available as a color option in case you need to mark out parking spaces or walkways. You can always mix things up by adding color and decorations to the walls to add a decorative flair to your garage.

One-coat application

The biggest current trend in coating your garage floor is an expanded offering of epoxy-based coatings that go on like a thick layer of paint and are stronger than concrete. These thick coatings go on in one application. Epoxy coatings take some extra time to dry due to the thickness and they give off some intense fumes, making good ventilation while applying and during drying time a necessity. Traditional garage floor paints are still available in the same neutral colors offered in the epoxy version.

No falling

Weak and crumbling, or slippery floor coatings, can cause slips and falls, so no matter which color scheme meets your garage decorating needs and which type of coating you select, you need the garage floor coatings to be safe. You can avoid accidents with a slip-resistant floor. For more information about the right floor coating for your family's needs, talk to your Atlanta-area painting professional about making sure the garage floor coating in your home's garage is skid-resistant, durable, and a floor you can enjoy for years to come.

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