Atlanta dental care: How much will that dental bridge cost you?

Are you considering a dental bridge and wondering how much it would cost? Simply put, the cost of any...

Are you considering a dental bridge and wondering how much it would cost? Simply put, the cost of any kind of dental care can vary. There is no way of putting a flat rate on the cost because everyone's needs are different, and different Atlanta-based dentists charge rates that can be below or higher than average. In addition, your insurance plan, deductible and whether your dentist is in or out of your network will greatly influence your out-of-pocket expenditure. These are just some of the factors that weigh in on the final cost.

And there are others that you might not even be thinking about. What are some other considerations that can affect the bottom line?

Other factors affecting the cost of dental bridges

There are various other factors that will influence the cost of a dental bridge, including

  • Bridge type: The type of bridge will dramatically affect the overall cost, depending on the bridge's complexity and the number of teeth involved. The three types of bridges are traditional fixed, bonded, and cantilever. A traditional fixed bridge, the most expensive type, is used when one or more teeth are missing. The false tooth or teeth are held in place by affixing the bridge to the adjacent teeth via two crowns. Bonded bridges and cantilever bridges are typically used when a front tooth is missing. However, the support teeth must be natural and healthy to use these kinds of bridges. In a bonded bridge, the false tooth is supported by two bands placed on the surrounding teeth. Whereas with a cantilever bridge, the false tooth is held in place with a wing to only one natural tooth.
  • Composition and design of the bridge: The price can fluctuate based on the material and lab used to design the bridge.
  • Bridge prep work: Basically, the more prep needed, the greater the expense. This is most applicable to the fixed bridge, since the adjacent teeth use crowns as support. So, if the adjacent teeth need work such as root canals or fillings, this has to be done prior to setting the bridge. Bonded and cantilever bridges typically involve minimal prep, since they must be used with healthy support teeth.
  • Anchoring: Anchors are crowns, bands or wings used to support the false tooth/teeth. The method used will add to the cost.

Still looking for some concrete numbers?

A dental bridge can be a major expenditure. Just to give a ball park figure, it can cost anywhere from $700 to $1500 per tooth. This figure doesn't include the office visit, X-rays, prep work or anchoring fees. Ultimately, you'll need to discuss your dental care with your Atlanta-area dentist in order to determine the final cost. At your appointment, ask your dentist about alternatives. You may find that a dental implant might be a better long-term solution. Also, on your visit, remember to ask about possible financing options such as third-party credit providers or in-house payment plans. Monthly payments might make dental care more economically feasible for you.

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