Auto glass repair 101: What to do with a cracked windshield

You're driving along and all of a sudden "Pop!" There's a gouge in your windshield and a small crack...

You're driving along and all of a sudden "Pop!" There's a gouge in your windshield and a small crack starts to form. You're now in need of auto glass repair and quickly. In addition to obscuring your view and making it unsafe to drive, some cities in Georgia consider it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a damaged windshield. So, pull over and work through these three steps.

1. Call your insurance company. Windshield repair will likely be covered by your insurance if you have a full coverage plan. If the crack or chip was due to an accident, and another motorist or property was involved, they might be responsible for the repair. The bottom line is to figure out who is liable for the repairs.

2. Get it fixed. You can't be without your car for long, so getting the windshield fixed quickly is key. Some auto glass repair services in Atlanta will meet you in a parking lot or at your home to replace the broken glass. This mobile service is convenient and usually doesn't cost more than an appointment at an auto body shop. Expect to wait 30 minutes for a small chip repair or a few hours for a full window replacement.

3. Follow up tasks. After the windshield is fixed, save the receipt to submit to your insurance company or to the responsible party picking up the bill. Then, take care of the repaired glass. If a new windshield was installed, the new seal cannot get wet for a few hours. Park the car in a covered car port or garage during inclement weather.

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