Avoid foundation leak repair costs: Fix that crack!

A cracked foundation may cause major problems in the durability and strength of your home, but when...

A cracked foundation may cause major problems in the durability and strength of your home, but when you live in Atlanta it could mean even more serious issues. Known for being hot and humid, Atlanta's climate can become unrelenting on homes, especially when the foundation of a house has a crack. If your foundation does end up having a crack, it could even cause a foundation leak, a major and very expensive issue that can create a hazardous and unlivable condition in your home.

So how can you avoid foundation leak repair costs? Have your foundation inspected and repaired as soon as you start to see a crack developing. Foundation cracks turn into foundation leaks when the shifting foundation interferes with the plumbing system, so fixing the cracks right away could avoid high foundation leak repair costs. Make sure to contact a licensed Atlanta plumber to have your home evaluated and to get an estimate for how much it will cost to repair your foundation. Find out if your plumber has experience working with foundations in the South, as soil conditions and climate can affect how the plumber should fix the foundation leak, if one exists.

Sometimes a foundation leak appears to come from the foundation of the home but actually originates from a plumbing leak inside the walls. After your plumber inspects your foundation, he will tell you exactly where the leak is coming from. Repairing a leak within your walls will cost far less than foundation leak repair costs, and such leaks will not cause the same type of damage to your foundation that a foundation crack would.

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