Baby earrings: Should you pierce your baby's ears?

Piercing a baby's ears is often a touchy topic, with people either feeling strongly for or against it....

Piercing a baby's ears is often a touchy topic, with people either feeling strongly for or against it. To better inform yourself before piercing your child's ears, it can be helpful to first hear the pros and cons for getting your baby a pair of earrings.

The pros

  • Baby earrings can give your child a little sparkle. If you love pampering your little girl, and making her look as glitzy as possible, earrings can adorn and embellish a baby's beautiful face.
  • Earrings on babies can help you carry on tradition. Many cultures pierce babies' ears very early, and not piercing a baby could cause your child to look out of place later on.
  • Your baby will not remember the pain of getting earrings. Getting them early can eliminate the anxiety and memories of pain involved in ear piercing.
  • If you have a little boy, you can make him look more stylish and hip by giving him a single pierced ear.

The cons

  • New ear piercings can become infected easily, and infections around the head can be dangerous for an infant or baby.
  • Regular cleaning of your baby's piercings can cause your child discomfort, and new piercings need to be cleaned three times a day for four to six weeks.
  • Your baby may pull on or rip out the earrings. Not only could she tear her earlobe, but the loose earring could become a choking hazard.
  • Some people scar very easily and may be susceptible to getting keloid scars from ear piercings. It is very difficult to know whether your baby may develop a keloid scar, which can occur at the piercing site.

Giving your baby earrings is not a small decision, one that requires considerable thought. You can also talk to your Atlanta-based doctor about any concerns you have. A doctor can give you information about piercing your baby's ears, and ways to avoid infection.

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