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When you send your child back to school after a long, hot, Atlanta summer, you're probably looking forward...

When you send your child back to school after a long, hot, Atlanta summer, you're probably looking forward to the extra stimulation your scholar is getting with a teacher, hands-on learning and other students. But what you might not anticipate is the uptick in illness that your child brings home on a regular basis. School is the perfect place for germs and bacteria, which could land your student on sick days instead. With the right back-to-school health tips, you can help ensure that learning is a safe, healthy and happy experience for your child.

Hand washing. Teaching your child to wash his hands regularly throughout the day might be the most important defense system you have against school illnesses. Your child should be washing his hands before eating and after coming in contact with other kids. Teach him the right technique by sprinkling a little fine of glitter on his hands. He'll need to scrub with soap and water to remove all traces of the "germs," an important lesson in daily hygiene.

Dental checkup. Before you send your child back to school, it's an excellent time to arrange for a dental checkup. Your child's oral hygiene can affect his overall health and susceptibility to illness, so don't neglect it. After his checkup, your child will probably be more motivated to take charge of his dental health anyway--with a few gentle reminders from you, of course.

Taking a day off. One of the most important back-to-school health tips is to keep your child home if he is sick. Whether it's a sore throat and runny nose or a bout of nausea, germs spread like wildfire in a school setting. Don't take the risk of allowing other children and teachers to catch the same sickness; keep your child home until he's better and ready to head back.

If you don't know whether your child is healthy enough to go to school, check out Kudzu for family doctors who can help keep your child healthy throughout the school year.

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