Backyard ideas for a beautiful outdoor wedding: A practical guide

When you get married, every detail becomes part of a sentimental package of memories, and those memories...

When you get married, every detail becomes part of a sentimental package of memories, and those memories can be either beautiful or not so great. If you're planning a backyard wedding for your special day, you'll want to make sure the setting enhances the ceremony rather than taking beauty away from it. So when planning out your backyard ideas, make sure to keep in mind that the outdoor setting comes with some common (and ugly) set backs. But that's no reason to let it stop you!

Here are four ways to solve practical issues associated with outdoor venues in a decorative way:

  • Decorative mosquito control: Imagine your backyard wedding. All of your guests are seated, listening to the music you carefully selected to set the mood, and a swarm of mosquitoes fly in. Your guests either scatter or swat. The moment and photos are ruined! That's why you need to prepare for pests when planning an outdoor wedding, and you can do it with style. Look for pretty citronella burners to set around the perimeter of the seating area so your pest control becomes part of the wedding's charm.
  • Stylish weather protection: Outdoor weddings are, of course, susceptible to weather problems like the sun's burning rays, rain and even surprise hail storms. While you can't tame the weather, consider setting up a tent or awning to make your guests more comfortable and keep the focus on your vows. Turn the tent or awning into an extra decoration by tying some big tulle bows in your wedding colors on the tent posts or hanging the bows around the perimeter of the awning.
  • Pretty seating: If your guests are uncomfortable, it's going to affect the general mood of the celebration. You need to have enough spacious seating for all of your guests, and the seats should be comfortable.
  • Wedding decorations: While decorations are unique to each ceremony and should show your sense of style, ask your Atlanta-area landscaping professional about enhancing the setting with large topiaries, potted plants or other landscaping advice for your ceremony.
  • Decorative safety tip: Have your landscaper help you choose the best path for foot traffic when developing backyard ideas for your wedding, and mark the walkways off with thick ribbon guidelines in your wedding colors. This ensures your guests will have solid, mud-free places to walk. You'll avoid twisted ankles and ruined dress shoes.

When planning your beautiful backyard wedding, you don't have to give up an outdoor venue just because there might be some set backs. Your backyard ideas can be practical and beautiful!

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