Banquettes for kitchens: Make your kitchen look like a cottage

Do you find yourself looking around your kitchen, wishing that you had just a little more space? Kitchens...

Do you find yourself looking around your kitchen, wishing that you had just a little more space? Kitchens that have a dining area can often become congested, especially if you have a large table with many chairs. One option is to replace a standard table with a kitchen banquette, which transforms a corner of the room into an eating nook with benches and a few outer chairs. Not only can a banquette save space, but it can actually make kitchens and dining areas look more quaint and cozy, like a cottage.

To give your kitchen a makeover by switching your dining arrangement to a banquette, it is important to have a local remodeling professional in the Atlanta area take a look at and evaluate your kitchen and dining area. There are many different kitchen banquette designs, but most utilize two adjoining walls on which benches are installed or placed against the wall. A table is centered in front of the benches, and chairs are placed around the outside. If you only have one available wall, you can buy an L-shaped bench to create a nook where there isn't one.

The cost of installing banquettes in kitchens depends on many factors. If you have the banquette installed into the wall, your cost will be much higher than if you buy a free-standing bench. If you have a large family that requires a larger banquette, the cost will also go up slightly. Talk to your Atlanta-area remodeler to get an estimate on how much the particular banquette arrangement you are interested in might cost.

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