Basement design tips every Atlanta homeowner should know

The basement is usually written off by many Atlanta homeowners as a space used for storage, laundry...

The basement is usually written off by many Atlanta homeowners as a space used for storage, laundry and sometimes even scaring your kids a bit. The fact is, with a few basement design tips, you can use your basement as an additional living area and maximize your space. It is almost as if you are getting a free addition to your home. But there are a few things you need to do before you start picking out paint colors and picking out furniture.

Is it livable?

The very first step every Atlanta homeowner must do is make sure the basement will not flood and that you can keep a steady temperature in the space. You can control any wet areas in the basement by taking preventive measures such as adjusting the gutters so the water is directed farther away from your home foundation. Add insulation in the walls if you can, and check whether you can get the heating and air conditioning to extend to the basement. The basement should have its own thermostat, as it will have different temperature requirements than the rest of the house. If you are not sure how to start, a home remodeler can help you figure out the details and logistics.

Let there be light!

The basement is a naturally dark place--it is underground, after all! You need to figure out how you want to bring in more light to make the basement feel more inviting. Contractors generally recommend trying to dig down and through the concrete wall so that you can install proper windows. You may also want to think about using a French door for the main basement door so the light from the upper level can help brighten the room. You may also want to consider French doors in the basement if you will have multiple rooms so the light can reach every room. Check different possible power sources to ceiling lights and lamps. An electrician can easily help install different lighting options in your basement design.

Find the horizon

How you decorate and design the basement will significantly change how the space looks and feels. It is important to emphasize the length and width of the area to distract the eye from the lack of height. You may also use tiling placed diagonally to help the room seem wider. Use bright colors and mirrors if possible. There are a lot of interior designers in Atlanta who are great at this.

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