Bathroom ideas: Are tub liners a good choice for remodeling?

Bathroom fixtures deteriorate over time, but you don't have to suffer with a boring, worn-out bathroom....

Bathroom fixtures deteriorate over time, but you don't have to suffer with a boring, worn-out bathroom. Modern products offer options for remodeling your bathroom at a fraction of the cost, but there are a few drawbacks. If bathtub has seen better days, read on to learn about bathroom ideas and the pros and cons of tub liners.

What's good about tub liners?

Bathtub liners offer a lot of benefits to homeowners, including

  • Liners are cheaper than buying a new tub.
  • Liners cover the old tub and wall in one seamless application.
  • They are cheaper to install than a new tub and wall covering.
  • Liners are scratch resistant and are made to stand up to heavy use.
  • Most bathtub liner installations take only one day, not counting the time for measuring and ordering custom liners.

What's not so good about bathtub liners?

Bathtub liners don't solve remodeling problems for all homeowners, though. Discuss these drawbacks with your remodeler and plumber:

  • Liners can crack and leak if they don't fit right, or if they are improperly installed.
  • If it cracks or leaks, water builds up between the liner and old bathtub, which is eventually followed by mold and mildew growth.
  • A extra pipe is required to hook up the drain and water supply due to the extra thickness added by liners.
  • Liners don't last as long as a new bathtub, especially if the fit is not perfect.
  • Liners are hard to remove when they get damaged or worn out because heavy-duty adhesive is used during installation.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on your tub, but you don't want to use a liner, you can also talk to your contractor about reglazing your existing bathtub. Discuss your bathroom ideas and concerns about fixing up your bathtub with your professional Atlanta-area remodeler.

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