Bathroom paint tips

Your choice of bathroom paint can impress or distract your guests. In Atlanta, where bathrooms must...

Your choice of bathroom paint can impress or distract your guests. In Atlanta, where bathrooms must impress, it's best to follow tips and know when to call a professional painter.

The bathroom is your blank canvas. Choose to paint your bathroom in the Atlanta Hawks colors, your favorite colors or the city's must-have bathroom colors. But you must be careful, as the last thing you want is to use the wrong colors in your bathroom. For example, you want to stay away from painting the entire bathroom or bathroom ceiling a dark color. It makes a bathroom seem small and diminishes the natural light. No pressure, right? Bathrooms offer a unique opportunity and challenge. You have less space than any other room and you have to contend with fixtures such as the bathtub and sink as you paint. However, the opportunity to make your bathroom the room everyone talks aboutfor good reasonsis the best part.

Use paint to create natural light

Not all bathrooms in Atlanta have large windows to help natural light shine through. If you have a tiny window or you have to use fluorescent light in the bathroom, use paint colors to create natural light. Fluorescent light tends to make colors look ugly or washed out. So, use extremely light colors.

For example, if you paint the walls white, use a light yellow on the ceiling to help the bathroom seem naturally brighter. Whenever light comes into the room, it bounces off the light paint and creates more natural light.

Diffuse strong natural light

If you're the envy of your neighbors because natural light shines into your bathroom even on rainy days, then you have more paint options. Hold on before you start celebrating. You may face a dilemma using bright to ultra bright colors on the ceiling.

These colors cause too much light, and you don't want to wear sunglasses every time you enter your bathroom. Consider the color of your floor and walls when choosing a ceiling color. Go for paint that's darker than the walls, but lighter than the floor. This diffuses potentially strong natural light.

Understand paint options

As you know, bathrooms are full of moisture. So, moisture and paint must be the main concerns when purchasing paint after you've picked your colors. Paint sheen ranges from low- to high-gloss. The high gloss works better in bathrooms. A flat paint has a good matte coating, but it's bad for bathrooms, as it absorbs moisture.

Eggshell has more sheen but works best in rooms without any moisture, such as bedrooms or living rooms. Satin, which you can use in your bathroom, has more sheen. However, use satin in low-moisture bathrooms, such as a guest bathroom or powder room.

Semi-gloss is a great option for your bathroom. It resists moisture and has an abundance of sheen. Of course, the winner is high-gloss paint. It's akin to coating your walls in plastic, so it repels moisture well.

High-gloss paint does have a disadvantage for some people. In a large bathroom, it doesn't look as great as other types of paint. However, it looks perfect in a small- to medium-size bathroom.

Specialty paint

Many home improvement stores and hardware stores sell bathroom paint. Manufacturers claim this paint includes special mold inhibiting properties needed in a bathroom. This paint may prohibit mildew and/or mold growth in your bathroom for a certain length of time. You may not need to purchase this type of paint unless your bathroom has a history of mold problems or high moisture content. Otherwise, you can choose the regular type of interior paint.

Beware of mildew and mold

Mildew typically appears on shower walls in addition to shower curtains and tiles. Mildew, which is a fungus, continues to grow and damage paint. Thus, before you start repainting, you must eliminate the mildew. Start by mixing one part bleach and six parts water into a spray bottle. Wear goggles and rubber gloves. As you spray the solution everywhere, you'll see mildew, which appears as black marks.

Getting rid of black mold before you paint is a little more complicated. Like with mildew, you can't simply paint over it. If you notice black mold on the walls, you may need to call a professional. He or she must do some detective work to find out how deep the mold is growing.

Black mold typically starts inside walls because of leaky plumbing or other water problems. You may not know there's a problem until you see the mold on the walls. Sometimes the mold can be eliminated without removing the entire drywall. However, you don't want to start painting until you know.

Painting your bathroom is one way to showcase your individuality and style. However, it helps to pick the right paint such as high-gloss or specialty-made for bathrooms. Before or during the painting process, you may run into some complications. If this occurs, you may need the help of a professional contractor or painter.

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