Bathroom sinks: 4 options to consider

Get creative with your bathroom remodel. Don't settle for any old sink. Bathroom sinks can be a statement...

Get creative with your bathroom remodel. Don't settle for any old sink. Bathroom sinks can be a statement piece in powder rooms. Picture your dinner guests' expressions when they see a raised, blue crackle glass above-the-counter sink, or an antique-style white porcelain pedestal sink complete with claw feet to match your soaking tub. They'll be drooling over more than just dessert.

1. Freestanding pedestal sinks
Nothing completes a classic home bathroom like a crisp, white pedestal sink. This style comes in petite proportions to fit into small spaces, or with a larger basin to fill wall space. The attraction to this style of bathroom sink is the open space under the basin. One to four slender legs support the sink, creating a visually open area in the bathroom.

2. Above-counter sinks
For a modern twist, choose a sink that is elevated several inches above the bathroom countertop. These sinks can take on a variety of shapes, from soft ovals and circles to geometric rectangle and octagon shapes. The sinks can also be made of several materials: glass, metal and porcelain are popular options.

3. Drop-in sinks
The most traditional of bathroom sinks is the drop-in style. These sit just an inch or two above the countertop and usually take on a cube or oval shape. They can match in color to the countertop for a seamless look. Or, they can provide contrast. For example, imagine a black porcelain-drop-in sink next to a gray-swirl marble countertop.

4. Under-mount sinks
For a smooth countertop, choose an under-mount sink. These recessed sinks are perfect for small spaces since they don't take up extra counter space. Just like drop-in sinks, these come in a variety of colors to complement or contrast with the countertop.

Ready to choose a sink for your new bathroom? Give an Atlanta-area plumber a call to set up a consultation.

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