Braces for adults: Styles and selections

While typically done in adolescence, braces are something that many adults choose to do to better their...

While typically done in adolescence, braces are something that many adults choose to do to better their appearance. There are many types of braces and pros and cons to each one. Choosing the right type for your lifestyle is simple when you know what you need. Braces for adults are done to correct issues concerning bite, misalignment, teeth that are longer or shorter than others, teeth that are rotated, and those that have vertical issues. After the braces are done, there will still be the issue of wearing a retainer to keep your teeth straight and aligned. Many people will need more correction later in life.

Metal braces

The fastest way to move severely crooked teeth, metal braces are usually used on adolescents. These aren't the most attractive braces on the market but can be the most effective when you have a bite problem. These are the cheapest set of braces offered.

Clear braces

These work mainly like metal braces work, except not as quickly. They will cost more, and the adhesives that hold them on to your teeth can stain if you aren't careful, but for some adults, the clear nature helps with their vanity. These are a little more pricey than the traditional metal braces.


These are removable aligners that are clear and have no metal or wires like traditional braces. They are so subtle that most people have no idea you're wearing them. Just remember that you will be wearing each aligner for about two weeks and then you move to the next tightest one. These are the priciest set of braces due to their high cosmetic appeal.

Atlanta-area dentists can answer all your questions regarding pricing, comfort levels and cosmetic options for braces for adults. They can look at your jaw, teeth and gums and suggest precisely the option that may work best for you.

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