Can a chiropractor cure arm weakness?

Arm weakness might be a sign of a serious health problem such as arthritis. However, a chiropractor...

Arm weakness might be a sign of a serious health problem such as arthritis. However, a chiropractor can often help relieve the simpler causes of weakness in the arm. The most common cause of such weakness is exertion of the joints, including simple activities such as text messaging or working on a computer, or playing strenuous sports such as tennis.

When consulting a chiropractor, total honesty is necessary so that more serious health issues, such as a pinched nerve, may be ruled out. In those cases, it's best to seek the care and treatment of physicians, who have the knowledge and methods for proper diagnosis.

For problems caused by a simple strain, a number of treatments can help ease arm weakness and get you back on the road to good health. The first is to talk about diet. Vitamin deficiencies may cause weakness, but they are often corrected with vitamin supplements or an adjustment in diet.

When a chiropractor determines that the condition comes from exertion, he has methods to relieve the stress, and these can usually be conducted right in the office. In addition to simple adjustments or older techniques, such as simply massaging the muscles of the arm, more advanced methods now exist. For example, ultrasound can help break up scar tissue, relieve inflammation and restore proper mobility to the arm.

Rehabilitation usually includes regular office visits but also extends into a patient's life outside the clinic. Stopping the activity causing inflammation is a key treatment. The best way to find out if weakness in the arms is the result of a more serious condition is to consult a licensed chiropractor in the Atlanta area. A proper diagnosis may prevent the more invasive treatments usually advised by physicians.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide the best course of treatment for weakness in the arm. Chiropractic care, like all other fields, has benefitted from new technology, research and experience. Why not get the treatment you deserve? You just might find the condition is something simple, and before you know it, you'll be back on a healthy path.

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