Car for sale: 5 ways to catch the eye of potential buyers

Is it time for your motorized sidekick to find a new home? Although you know its ins-and-outs, make...

Is it time for your motorized sidekick to find a new home? Although you know its ins-and-outs, make your car for sale truly shine once you hang the "For Sale" sign in the window. Here's how to put your best foot, or tire, forward.

1. Run several reports: Offer a few car maintenance and history reports with the sale of your vehicle. These can disclose past accidents, liens, salvage titles and seizures from law enforcement. A clean history is appealing to potential owners. After all, who wants to drive around town in a vehicle that was seized from a local criminal?

2. Clean it: Sure, going through a car wash to remove bugs from the windshield and brightening the paint job with a fresh coat of wax are great ideas. But, take your cleaning efforts a step further. Have the car interior detailed. Removing dust from the vents, polishing the steering column and removing stains from the upholstery allow for a better first impression on people taking a test drive.

3. Be ready: Nothing seals a sale like a prepared, motivated seller. Many buyers drag their heels because they simply don't understand the process. Have the car title ready, offer suggestions for local financing or be willing to set up a payment plan with the buyer through a local bank.

4. Get a tune up: If the car for sale isn't from this decade, it's a good idea to have a mechanic in Atlanta stand behind the quality of your car. Have a through inspection performed, replace aging belts and get the entire tune up documented on paper. Show the car's clean bill of health to potential buyers.

5. Price the car accordingly: Look at your local competition and market. Used car dealers, online classified ads, newspaper listings and car trader magazines can give you a guideline of what your car for sale might fetch. Although a Kelly Blue Book value is important, it doesn't reflect the current economic conditions or demand in Atlanta.

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