Care for your oriental rug the right way

Oriental rugs are a popular family heirloom, often passed down from one generation to the...

Oriental rugs are a popular family heirloom, often passed down from one generation to the next. Ensure that your rug is worth passing down by putting the following care tips in to practice.

1. Vacuum often

Vacuum your rug regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and keep the fibers in order. Choose a high quality vacuum and disable the beater bar or use the suction hose for safer cleaning. Do not forget to vacuum the back of your rug because that is where a lot of the debris tends to settle. If your rug has fringe, be careful not to let it get caught in your machine. Wait until the rug is significantly soiled if you wish to hire a carpet cleaning service. The chemicals involved in this process can cause additional wear if used too frequently.

2. Prevent stains

Clean up any spills as quickly as possible to prevent staining. Use an absorbent cloth to soak up liquids fast. There are chemical cleaners available, but some can cause additional damage. Stick with old-fashioned club soda to remove unwanted pigments.

3. Block the sun

If your oriental rug sits in direct sunlight, it can cause the dyes to fade prematurely. While a little sunlight can be harmless, prolonged exposure to powerful ultra violet rays can cause significant damage. Choose a location with as little direct sunlight as possible. You can also reduce sun exposure by installing drapes in any nearby windows. Keep these shades closed when the sun is at its brightest.

4. Bleach cautiously

An old trick to whiten rug fringes is to apply bleach. While this does work, it also can damage your oriental rug. If you insist on bleaching your fringes, use a diluted bleach and water solution. Always rinse the fringes thoroughly and allow your rug to dry completely.

5. Move with the seasons

As one season fades in to another, remember to rotate your oriental rug. Adjusting the position of your rug at the beginning of each season will encourage a more even wear pattern and balance any sun fading. Try airing your rug outdoors on cold days to add a bit of freshness and remove any stale scents.

6. Add padding

If your rug is thin, old or soft, consider adding a layer of padding. This will reduce wear by limiting sliding and by creating an increased barrier between the bottom of your shoe and the floor beneath your rug. Choose a pad which is slightly smaller than your rug so it stays hidden from view.

Contact a local Atlanta carpet cleaning company for assistance in caring for your oriental rug.

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